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“Today, and it breaks my heart to say it, finding a homeless person who has died of cold, is not news. Today the news is scandals….we can’t rest easy while these things are this way. Homelessness is neither a disease nor a crime, but a very serious problem. Homeless people don’t deserve your pity, they deserve your help” Pope Francis

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House of Nazareth is a temporary emergency shelter in Moncton, New Brunswick for men, women, and families in need. Our mission is to end homelessness in Greater Moncton.


Maison Nazareth offers seven services that help put an end to homelessness day after day.

75 Albert Street, Moncton NB

Boutique Encore

Boutique Encore buys and sells clothing for men and women for all ages.

475 St George, Moncton NB


Nazareth House believes in ending homelessness. But we can not make sense to you.

75 Albert  Street, Moncton NB

Our Mission

In the late 1970s Sr. Rita Barrieau realized that there were very few accessible housing resources for those in need in the Greater Moncton area.

Therefore, in order to provide shelter and food for the growing number of homeless people, Maison Nazareth was founded and incorporated on December 18, 1979, as a non-profit organization.

In 1994, a board of directors was formed and a senior management position was created to replace Sister Barrieau who wished to withdraw from the administrative component of Maison Nazareth inc.

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Our goal at Nazareth home is to end homelessness and straighten those in need. But we can not do it alone! Help us reach our goals.


“I recommend the house of Nazareth because there is 100% food, clothes, place of stay, etc. for people in need, etc.”

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“It’s a house that helps people in need, those who really need it! So I recommend House Nazareth to 200%.”

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Good for the needy in case of emergency, if not stay away, do not take advantage and ruin those who need it!

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Ready to help us reach our goal to end homelessness?


75 Albert Street, Moncton NB


(506) 858-5702