Emergency Shelter :

 The Shelter is located at 14 Clark Street. Services are provided free of charge; for men, women and families in need of shelter. As well, meals and clothing are among a few services we offer.


In 2017, we received 673 admissions; an average of 16.26 clients per night.

Bag Lunch :

 Everyday at 4:00 pm, the House of Nazareth offers bagged lunches, which include: two sandwiches, a fruit, a muffin, a juice box, and cookies to persons who do not reside at the shelter.


An average of 17 bag lunches were given each day, totalling 6324 bag lunches for the year).

 Operation “Open House” :

Every weekend after the 15th of every month, Saturday and Sunday, the House of Nazareth offers, free of charge, a full course meal at 5:30pm to residents, as well as non-residents.  Soup kitchens are often closed during the weekends, and persons with low income often cannot afford to purchase enough food to last the whole month.


Our Open House program helps to keep those in need fed.


In 2017, we served 21 956 meals (total of meals for residents, bag lunches, and Open House)



Community Integration Program :

 The Community integration worker accompanies the vulnerable person in their attempt at rehabilitation.

The client is helped in finding stable and affordable housing, is given community resources, public services and employment services etc.

On average, we conduct 4 interventions per day and over 700 interventions per year.


Recycle Centre “Boutique Encore” :


Situated at 475 St. George Blvd in Moncton, the “Boutique Encore” is a second-hand store, offering the following:


used clothing, furniture, utensils, bedding and other household goods. These items are given free of charge to those in need and are sold at affordable prices for those who can afford to pay.


In 2017, “Boutique Encore” served 25 732 clients and 150 children were given Christmas toys during our Toy-land event.


Contact Nazareth :


Twice a year, House of Nazareth Inc. publishes a newspaper titled “Contact Nazareth” in order to inform it’s benefactors and friends about activities and charges within organization.


Operation “Come Home” : 

Operation Come Home is an organization helping street-involved and at-risk youth (between 16-19 years old) return home.

The House of Nazareth is an affiliate office for youth needing this service.