Emergency accommodation

The Refuge located at 14 Clark Street Moncton, offers free to the homeless, who are mainly men, but sometimes also women and families, emergency shelter, meals, clothing and some related services.

‘help. In 2017, we received 673 admissions; the average was 16.26 guests per night.


Lunch bags

Every day at 4:00 pm, the House of Nazareth offers bagged lunches, which include: two sandwiches, a fruit, a muffin, a juice box, and cookies to persons who do not reside at the shelter.


An average of 17 bag lunches were given each day, totalling 6324 baglunches for the year).

Operation “Open door”


Every weekend. After the 15th of each month, Saturday and Sunday, the Refuge offers, at no cost, a dinner for non-residents. It should be noted that soup kitchens are closed on weekends;

Users of soup kitchens, people with modest incomes, have more money to feed themselves especially when they approach the second half of the month.

In 2017, the House served 22,732 meals (total meals to residents, lunch bags and the open door operation).

Community reintegration program

Community reintegration workers accompany the vulnerable person in their quest for rehabilitation.

The client is helped to increase his residential stability, to access other community resources, and vulnerable public services in his quest for rehabilitation.

Recycling Center “Boutique encore”

Located at 475 St George Street, the “Boutique encore” is a sorting center and a clothing store and various objects such as used furniture, furniture, kitchen utensils etc. Items collected and cleaned are offered for free or at a low cost to disadvantaged individuals and families.

A garage located next to the Boutique still serves as a warehouse for furniture and appliances that are collected and handed over to people in need. During 2017, the “Boutique encore” Recycling Center served 25,732 customers and gave toys to 150 children during the Christmas season.

Contact Nazareth 

 Twice a year, Maison Nazareth inc. publishes a newspaper titled Contact Nazareth in order to inform its benefactors and friends about activities and changes within the organization.


Back home

Return to Home Operation helps at-risk youth return to their parents.

Maison Nazareth is a liaison office with Operation Home Return.

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Here at the House of Nazareth, the House of Nazareth is a temporary refuge for men, women and families in need.

We really want our customers to get back on their feet.

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Our goal at Nazareth home is to end homelessness and straighten those in need. But we can not do it alone! Help us reach our goals.